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About Chick 9 Clothing


How was Chick 9 Clothing started?

As a former high school and college athlete, I strongly believe that participation in sports is an excellent way to help girls develop good self-esteem and a positive body-image. When my friends and former teammates started having kids I searched all over for athletic baby clothes for little girls so that I could share my love of sports with the next generation of athletes, but all I could find was red or blue boy clothes with footballs, baseball bats, or basketballs, or pink cheerleader outfits for professional sports teams. It was impossible to find any baby or kids clothes designed for girls to support female athletes. I complained to my parents (both former college athletes and coaches) and they told me I should just make my own shirts! So I decided to start my own company creating sports clothing for women and girls.

What's in a name?

You might not know this, but there was a time that women could not play sports in college. That is, until Title IX was passed in 1972. This law prevented discrimination against women in federally funded education programs. Meaning, state schools were required to provide the same opportunities for women as men. All thanks to this groundbreaking movement, Title IX led to a surge in sports team opportunities. And, even better, a surge in girls participating in sports.

So, next time you think about Chick 9, know that it was named after Title IX, which created opportunity for women to shine bright in sports. #girlpower #thankstitleix


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Chick 9 Clothing is based in Bend, Oregon and chooses to support locally sourced products and services whenever possible.  All products are printed in the US and ship from US warehouse locations.